Michigan Practice Areas

The following provides some general information about the various practice areas covered by the firm. All our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Michigan and several are licensed to practice law in the federal courts as well.

Our blog topics are frequently updated and cover issues related to our practice areas. Jacob P. Sartz IV focuses on issues related to real-property and criminal law, while Stephen Cornish and Patrick J. Crowley contribute their thoughts on a variety of different practice areas.

Family Law

Criminal Law: For more information on certain types of charges and issues, please click on the links listed below:

-Assault Offenses:

  1. Assault or Assault and Battery
  2. Domestic Violence

-Discovery: Michigan Law and Court Rules require the disclosure of certain types of information during pending criminal cases.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Offenses;

  1. Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act, “SORA”

-Theft Offenses,

  1. Retail Fraud Third Degree;
  2. Retail Fraud Second Degree;
  3. Retail Fraud, First Degree;
  4. Uttering & Publishing;

-Michigan Traffic Offenses:

  1. -OUI/OWI’s;
  2. OUI/OWI’s and Vehicle Owner Liabilities;
  3. -Operating on a Suspended/Revoked/Denied License


  1. No-contest or “Nolo-Contendere Pleas”

-Post Conviction:

  1. -Expunging Prior Convictions under the new Amended Law;
  2. Probation & Probation Violations

Estate Planning

  1. Small Estates

General Practice

Social Security Disability

Real Property: For more information on certain types of issues, please click on the links below:

-Landlord Tenant Summary Proceeding Act

-Landlord Tenant: Leases

-Construction Litigation and Real-Estate Litigation

-Deeds and Deed Requirements