Michigan Property Law: Civil Litigation Discovery Requests

Discovery Requests in Real-Estate Lawsuits & Civil Litigation

After a party sues another party, each side has various ways they can proceed with their case prior to an eventual, scheduled trial or summary motion date. Either party has important options provided under Michigan’s court-rules that allow them to get information from the opposing party and their potential witnesses.

Interrogatories, admission-requests, and a request for document production are known as “discovery” requests. With civil litigation, each side can ask the opposing side about their case and ask for documents related to their case. Requests for discovery in some manner are standard in a vast majority of civil cases and these requests are very important with larger, more complicated civil cases filed in Circuit court.

Attorneys have the resources to discover a vast majority of information about their respective case through these methods. Online Forums such as Facebook or other programs are often key targets of information requests.

These requests are permissible pursuant to a series of Michigan Court Rules “MCR’s”. For more specific information, please review MCR 2.301, 2.302 et al.

These discovery requests may be made in a variety of ways.



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Demand for Production


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