Michigan Criminal Law: Traffic Offenses

Operating a motor-vehicle in the State of Michigan requires compliance with a litany of regulations pursuant to the traffic code and also other criminal statutes. Charges for violating the motor-vehicle code range from civil infractions (speeding, parking tickets, i.e., more minor issues) to serious felonies (operating while intoxicated causing a death). Further, convictions of these types of charges may also result in additional sanctions administered by the Department of State.
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Anyone charged, of course, is presumed innocent. The prosecutor would need to prove the elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt if the matter proceeded to trial. Simply because a person is charged does not mean that they will be convicted.
If you need specific legal advice for your particular circumstances, we encourage you to privately consult with a lawyer. Circumstances may vary significantly.
If you are charged with an offense and cannot afford to pay for your own defense, the court may appoint you an attorney payable at the public’s expense. You have a right to counsel.